eFuture is a leading provider of software and services to China's rapidly growing retail and consumer goods industries. eFuture focuses on seven verticals: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Department Store, Shopping Mall, Grocery, Logistics, Specialty Store and Online Retailers.

Headquartered in Beijing, eFuture was founded in 1997, and listed on the NASDAQ in October 2006.

Where is consumer, there is eFuture.

Creating a happy consumer world.


eFuture's clients include manufacturers, distributors, resellers, logistics companies and retailers. The Company’s client base encompasses global corporations such as Procter & Gamble, Pepsi, L'Oreal, Kimberly-Clark, Gucci and B&Q as well as leading Chinese companies. Its domestic client base includes over 30 companies that were ranked among China’s top 100 retailers during 2010, such as Suning, Shanghai Bailian-Lianhua, China Resources Vanguard and Beijing Wangfujing.

Business Lines

With strong brand recognition among international and local clients, eFuture provides end-to-end total solutions for the front-end supply chain from factory to consumer.

eFuture has three business lines: software, professional service and cloud service. 

■  Software is eFuture's core business. The Company's software solutions include the management of merchandizing, distribution, warehousing, supply chain, customer relationship, logistics and point of sale. They are highly scalable and can be deployed individually or together with back-end systems. These solutions offer enhanced decision making and responsiveness to consumer demands, increased efficiency, and ultimately drive profit growth.

■  Professional service is eFuture's fast growing business, and covers operations, delivery, consulting, maintenance and support services via the Company's nationwide service centers and team of dedicated professionals.

■  Cloud service is eFuture's seed business, and consists of cloud services based on cloud computing architecture, such as B2C eCommerce and Salesforce Automation.